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January 03, 2019

Another year over and done with! Goodbye 2018 hello 2019! 
What an eventful year it has been of course many highs but some lows as well, you win some and you lose some.
I thought I would do a photo diary of all the highlights of twenty eighteen!

My Granddads birthday is in January so we took him a cake and sang him Happy Birthday! He's my best friend, even at 86 he's always cracking jokes. He's not too well at the moment but this is why I love my Instax mini 9 so I can keep those precious memories at hand. At the end of January, I had my jaw operation after waiting for 4 years! It was an experience but nearly a year on I'm so glad I did it!
Feb was just a month of recovery for me really. Although having time off work and not being able to move out of the house I had a lot of spare time in the day which meant I could play all the Xbox in the world and binge watch series on Netflix!                  

Lego Lord Of The Rings (fave)
I loved this series!
The first time I could kinda of smile haaa.
Jon bought me a salt lamp for Christmas and I loved it (still do!)
My lovely Mom had a new haircut and Buster seemed to like it?
At the very start of March, we had snow here in the West Midlands! Quite a lot as well! I was beginning to feel more myself and started to drive again. I went on some lovely walks and ate a lot of food haha, Jon baked us some marble cake and it was delicious. I went back to work at the end of March after nearly 8 weeks off.
It's my Mom's birthday on the 1st of April, we went for a meal as she doesn't like to make a big deal about it haha. I repotted some new babies because they needed some TLC. I went on some more walks with the dog and there were some lighter nights that we sat out on. 

I quite liked May. It was sunny most of the month so it gave me the chance to explore parks I had never been to before and me and my Mom had a few naps in the sun with Buster haha. I took me and the 2 girls to a farm/park where we saw the most cutest piglets, the most gorgeous peacock and a lovely lil fella a fox they had saved and are looking after as it wouldn't survive back in the wild. At the end of May me, Jon and some of his mates when and saw one of our favorite bands - DMA's in Birmingham. They're an Australian band that I only discovered a few years ago but have slowly started becoming one of my top 5. They did an awesome cover of Cher - Believe

I went on my first night out since having my jaw operation! Whoop. Me and Jon celebrated 2 years on June the 14th, by celebrating I mean stuffing our faces at a smokehouse near us haha. It was sunny all the way through June hitting 30 degrees! We brought a small paddling pool for the dog so he could cool himself down haha.

Another scorching month! I sure wasn't complaining! We got to the point where the dog was panting that much we had to put a wet towel over him to keep him cool, my dog hates things being on him but it's as if he knew the towel was helping him? Strange haha. I got some new glasses which I was so happy with, they were long overdue. I purchased some crystal necklaces from a lovely lady I found on Instagram called Roses and Whiskey. Jon picked up his new car, I felt so fancy sitting in the passenger seat haha. At the end of the month, my Mom ended up ripping her nail off getting it caught in the car door but don't worry I won't show pictures of that! We went and wished a Happy Birthday to my lovely Aunt Joyce who turned 90, we sat out in the garden and had tea with biscuits. 

Busy month. Me and my Mom got 2 tickets to visit Alton Towers through sun savers, we got to ride on the new Wickerman, which in all fairness for the wait weren't that good haha. I bought a new thaaang for my room of my friend who does Macramé. I bloody love it. We had our tea's outside quite a few times because it was so warm at night, which meant my boyfriends dog Zak was always on "if you drop this I can eat it for you" duty. I went Blackberry picking and made some jam! Celebrated Jon's 25th birthday, and got him the best card everrrr. Grew some banging hanging baskets as well. 

Started the month off right by going for a curry at our local curry restaurant, which hands down do the best curries ever. Jon's mom went on holiday so we looked after her dog who is also a springer spaniel called Lillie, who is the most darling dog ever. Spent a lot of time up the hospital as my Granddad had a fall and cut his ear open but other than that he was in good spirits he just kept laughing about his bandage on his head! Went and visited my Nans plaque in the Crematory as it was her birthday, she would have been 92! I had the longest sleep ever in my life haha! Saw some awesome sunsets.

Mom picked her new car up, she's copied me and had a Fiesta but just in Grey haha. Saw some more fun sunsets! Bought my 3 favorite Halloween films and carved a pumpkin! Went and visited 3 horses who are looked after by Jon's stepmoms brother, they're cuuuute we gave them apples. The rest of the month was mainly getting stuff ready for my holiday in November!

Started November off by going to a bonfire and seeing a firework display, I took Jon's brothers girlfriend Sam as she's Canadian and never been to a bonfire display before. I ended up taking some half decent pictures of the fireworks which I was happy about! Ran mainly errands most of the month so I was all ready to go to Mexico! I was over there for my 22nd birthday which was brilliant. We went to the same place/hotel 2 years ago and enjoyed it that much we wanted to come back.. so we did! I'm going to do a separate photo diary of Mexico I'm undecided but here are a few pictures!

An upsetting start to the month for me. My Granddad kept on having falls so we decided to move him to Extra Care where they have their own little flat but there are carers on site 24/7. We had to say goodbye to the home he's been in for over 50 years, where my mom grew up, where most of my childhood was spent on the weekends. But it was the right thing to do. It was a little hectic try to figure out what stuff to take as he lived in a massive but lovely old 3 bedroomed Victorian house to a 1 bedroom flat but we got there. I got some lovely drawings done as a Christmas present to my Mom and Jon of Zak and Buster. Jon did a little something in his room with his guitars. We put a wreath on my Nans plaque and cleaned it up a bit. Then of course Christmas! I was spoilt this year, but I'm so grateful. (What I got for Christmas post is coming ASAP). We finished off 2018 by celebrating the new year at Jon's we had a couple of our friends around, done some party food and drank, a l o t. 

I have really enjoyed 2018! 
Here's to 2019!
Hope you all have a wonderful year.

What are your favorite parts of 2018?
Let me know in the comments or you can tweet me!

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